Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to see the 3D model before it is printed?

Yes. You will receive a link to see your 3D model once it is ready. You can request a change or modification to be made if needed.


How long does it take to make a 3D figurine?

Your 3D figurine is something incredibly special and requires many steps to bring it to perfection before your 3D avatar will be prepared and ready to print.

The 3D sculpting of your avatar and full-color printing will take approximately 2 weeks.


What happens after I place an order?

Our proprietary software will use the pictures you send us to create a “rough” 3D model.

After that, our 3D artists will work on perfecting it and making your 3D avatar look exactly like you. Then, you will get an email containing a link to see your 3D model and either approve it or request an edit. We will do as many edits as needed in order to get your 3D avatar right. Once approved, your 3D model gets printed, post-processed, coated, packaged and shipped to you.


Can a 3D avatar be made from a single photo?

Yes, but in order to achieve a great level of precision our 3D artists need to have a 360 degrees view of a person.


Can I print a 3D model that I already have?

If you have a ready-to-print 3D file, you can use the contact form or email to inquire about the price for full-color 3D printing.


What material is a 3D figure made of?

Our 3D figurines are made of polymer plaster. The 3D printing is done on our large-volume, high-resolution CMYK-3D full color printers.

Our production process is environmentally friendly since we abstain from using hazardous materials.


What are the care instructions?

The 3D prints are produced by using the powder printing process from polymer plaster and coated with synthetic resin and wax.

They are fragile and not waterproof. Avoid contact with water and direct sunlight. Store at 42 ° F - 102 ° F and relative humidity of 40% to 60%.

Please use a dry soft brush for dust removal.


How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping within the US is free.


Which countries does Me In 3D deliver to?

Free deliveries are available in the US only. International shipping is possible at a special request. Please contact us to get a shipping quote.


Are Me In 3D products refundable?

Due to the unique and custom nature of our products we do not accept returns.