Why do you need a 3D Avatar?

The technology for creating 3D people is in demand in the entertainment industry, in medicine, in sales, especially in the presentation of your product on the market. Also, it is used in design, gaming, fitness, and many other areas. 3D avatars are a way of standing yourself and your product out in the crowd and show your originality. And with 3D GENERATION you can create a 3D avatar for free easily and quickly.

To create a full-body avatar, sign up online for a scan or come directly to one of our 3D stores. This process takes one second, after which the generated 3D model is downloaded to the computer. If you want to improve the automatically generated image, our 3D designers will be happy to help you with this for additional payment. But even after scanning the 3D model is ready for use.

VR and AR

A three-dimensional image, which is created using our scanner, is available for implementation in augmented and virtual reality applications. Did you know that we have a cool app where you can upload a personal 3D avatar? Download it on our page for free and try this 3D innovation.

The virtual avatar can be upgraded, animated, resized by making it tiny and placed in your hand, and much more! Thanks to the change of environment, you can run in different locations and make interesting videos. With our application, you do not need to own any programs or download additional applications that take up the phone memory.

3D Avatar in Gaming

Fans of computer games know how cool customized game account looks. Streaming will become even more enjoyable and all eyes will go to your hero which looks exactly like you. You will be stood out from other team members and your friends will enjoy watching how your Mini-Me completes different levels.

Full-body scanners are an easy way to create a gamer avatar that will showcase your originality. Our team also has experience in creating game characters, animation, and we are ready to implement your interesting projects in 3D.

3D Avatar in Social Network

3D technologies allow us to expand horizons and introduce a virtual character who will look exactly like its owner. Just imagine how cool your profile will look with your 3d avatar! A 3D selfie will be displayed on the screen during the online meeting and it will reflect your live emotions at this moment. The animated 3D avatar can be used to communicate in video chats and conferences.

There are also online communities, where real people implement their 3D avatars and communicate with each other. With the whole body scanner, you can easily create your character and start virtual communication in such a 3D world.

Animated 3D Avatar

Having scanned in our 3D Store you get a three-dimensional image in a standard A-pose. In our application, you can also create personal 3D animated figures. Thanks to additional features, your 3D avatar can move, dance, walk, run, and much more. All this can be recorded on video and shared with your friends on social networks.

Just imagine what awesome videos you can create! Such content will definitely blow up your social network and get a lot of likes from your friends on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. And this is all available on your smartphone.